Program Application

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Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 30 day(s)
Commission type Percent of Sale
Base commission 8.00%
Additional terms 8% of product sales and discount on Yogo gear for affiliates
At Yogo we are on a mission to bring strength and joy to our yoga community while benefitting the environment. Our products are made in the most sustainable-possible ways and we plant a tree for every mat sold. See what we're all about at and @yogo on the socials!

Terms & Conditions

Please read the below T&C carefully before applying. 


-  8% commission

-  Cookies last 30 days

-  Commissions on all regular product sales using Affiliate’s link or code

-  Exclusions: tax, shipping, handling, returns, refunds, cancellations and wholesale

-  No funny stuff: ‘cookie stuffing’ etc.

-  Agree to be occasionally featured

Brand Relations

Affiliates must not be sponsored by or promoting products for competing yoga brands that sell yoga mats, blocks, bolsters, straps, towels or similar ‘hard goods’. Affiliates must not promote our products in any way that does not positively reflect our brand, or in any matter associated with illegal activity. Affiliates who violate these requirements will be removed from the program and their status revoked. Yogo has the right to discontinue Affiliate status of any individual at any time, and for any reason.

Affiliates agree to receive Affiliate email marketing for updates & newsletters. Affiliates are not employees nor consultants of Yogo. Affiliates shall not sign any document on Yogo’s behalf or claim to be an agent having authority to contract for or bind us to any contract. Nothing in this agreement shall create a partnership, agency, franchise, or joint venture between Yogo & Affiliate parties.

Advertising & Creative Content

Affiliates are responsible for promoting their affiliate links or codes, & may advertise them as often as desired.

Yogo will provide access to an online folder of photos, copy, or other creatives for use when promoting our products & brand. Please do not distort any of these creatives. All content, photography, provided to Affiliates and on are Yogo’s exclusive property & protected by copyright.

Affiliates are not permitted to use the Yogo logo or secondary logo without written permission. Affiliates agree not to stretch, color, fade, or in any other way distort the Yogo logos.

By completing registration after acceptance, Affiliates agree that they may be occasionally featured by Yogo in its social media channels.  Affiliates extend a limited license to Yogo to share in social media photography or video posts tagging Yogo.

Affiliates should not promote false advertisements in order to get more traffic to their links. Affiliates shall never tamper with or use technology that interferes with referral links or affiliate commissions. This includes but is not limited to the use of extensions, toolbars, cookie stuffing, and any other technology or methods to create commissionable events that are not verifiable via our system. Such actions will result in immediate removal from the community.


Affiliates earn an 8% commission (not including tax, shipping, handling, returns, cancellations, or wholesale orders) when a customer has made a retail purchase at with the Affiliate's unique discount code or referral link. No commissions will be paid on sales not attributed to the referral link or code. Cookies last for 30 days. 


Affiliates are paid at the fixed commission rate listed above for all eligible valid purchases as described above, made by a customer via the active Affiliate’s referral link. Merchandise returns & cancellations from customers will cause a credit debited against Affiliate’s payment account in accordance with the amount earned.

Commissions will be paid out every two weeks whenever the payment amount reaches at least $20. Affiliates are responsible for any and all taxes and filings related to their income from Yogo’s Affiliate program, as required by law or regulation. Yogo does not withhold earnings for Affiliates’ tax obligations.  Affiliates agree to provide, when requested, any necessary identification and tax information required for legal compliance obligations.

YOGO may adjust affiliate commission rates and discount codes at any time. Cost of YOGO products may change at any time. Affiliates agree that they understand that external factors, including but not limited to customers deleting their cookies, expiration of cookie days, along with other instances may affect purchase tracking. Yogo conducts a good-faith effort to allocate commissions using our chosen affiliate platform technology, cannot control such events, and is not responsible for such circumstances.